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ACL Music Festival: Does it always rain? - 04/08/14

In the past 12 years, it has rained on 7 Austin City Limits Music Festivals, including last weekend and this weekend could be number 8! That would give us a 66% chance of rain on any given ACL Music Festival.

ACL Music Festival 2013 Forecast:
This year weekend one (October 4-6) was probably one of the best ACL fest weekends, as far as weather is concerned.
It was pretty muggy on Friday, but once the cold front moved through Saturday evening, it cooled off nicely.  We even saw some rain, but most of it fell overnight Saturday and into Sunday.  Then, Sunday was sunny, cool, and dry...AKA...PERFECT!

For the second weekend (October 11-13), we are definitely expecting rain, which might make it a bit of a mudfest..even if there's a lot of grass to hold off the the least..a slosh fest!
A couple showers are possible today, but more widespread rain is possible Saturday and Sunday, with no cool down.  So it will be mild and muggy all weekend.
Check here for your updated weather forecast for ACL:

A Look Back at Previous ACL Music Festivals

2012: October 12-14 "A Little More Rain"
Temperatures last year, were in the 80s during the day and 70s at night with a sprinkling of showers Saturday and Sunday, totaling 0.21".

2011: September 16-17 "Welcome Rain"
After 2009s mud-fest, 0.16" on Saturday wasn't enough to create another mud pit and was welcomed after a record summer of hot temperatures and extreme drought!  Otherwise, it was still a bit hot with highs in the 90s and lows in the 70s.

2010: October 8-10 "A Little Hot"
Still, a little toasty with lots of sunshine, by weather wasn't all bad.  Highs hit the mid-80s with lows cooling into the 50s.

2009: October 8-10 "Mud-fest"
The year of the mud!  This weekend temperatures were in the low-70s and 80s during the day.  This was the wettest ACL Music Festival on record, picking up .34" of rain on Saturday and again on Sunday, totaling 0.68".

2008: September 28-29 "Dust-fest"
Typical late September weather occurred with highs in the low-90s and nights in the 60s, along with some added dust.

2007: September 14-16 "Year of the Fire"
An overfilled propane tank ignited outside an RV, sending flames 75 feet in the air.
Not too hot, temperatures warmed in the low-90s with 0.1" of rain on Saturday.

2006: September 15-17 "Ugh" "Some Rain"
With a new irrigation system in place, there was no dust at Zilker Park.  However, this weekend brought temperatures near 100 with muggy conditions!  We did manage to squeeze 0.26" of rain total on Friday and Sunday.

2005: September 24-26. "Year of the Hurricane" "Hot-fest" "Dust-bowl"
This year over ACL weekend, temperatures soared to 108 on Sunday, making it the hottest ACL music festival in the last 10 years.  In addition, this year was dubbed the dust bowl.  This didn't stop 170,000 people from attending.
It also took place, the same weekend when Hurricane Rita was about to make landfall in southwestern Louisiana that Friday, so some acts were cancelled.

2004: September 17-19 "Hot"
Attendance continues to grow.  The weather? A little toasty..highs in the 90s and lows in the 70s.

2003: September 19-21 "1st 3-day Event"
Attendance topped out at 150,000 people. The weather...highs were in the 80s and we picked up 0.38 of rain!

2002: September 28-29 "Beginning"
The tradition begins with a 2-day event bringing 42,000 visitors on Saturday and 33,000 on Sunday!  Get this, one days tickets were only 25 bucks!
Typical late September weather: sunny with highs in the 90s and lows in the 60s.


Meteorologist Allison Miller
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