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First Fall Cold Blast thanks to Western Pacific Hurricanes - 04/08/14

We are still a week away from Halloween, but we are already tracking what could be our first big Fall cold blast next week.

Why? Part of the reason could be due to a few storms in the Western Pacific.
As of October 24, Tropical Storm Francisco and Super Typhoon Lekima are moving away from the Asia mainland.  This often has an effect on our weather pattern in the U.S.
As the storms in the Pacific turn northeast, this often causes the jetstream over the U.S. to deepen across the plains, pulling cold air from Canada all the way down into Texas a week or two after the Pacific storms turn.

This could bring our first big cold blast to Central Texas beginning Thursday night, with the coolest nights in the 30s, possible freezing in parts of the Hill Country, for the first week in November.

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