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Perseid Meteor Shower in August, Best Shower of the Year - 04/08/14

Although we have many meteor showers each year, the Perseid meteor shower is a favorite of the year and you can start watching!

Every year, in late July into August, our Earth passes across the orbital path of Comet Swift-Tuttle.  The bits and pieces from this slam into our atmosphere, lighting up the night sky as the Perseid meteor shower.

You should be able to see the showers each night, under a dark sky, up until the peak around August 12th.  Unlike other showers, this one will fall rapidly after the peak.  Near the peak, with the right conditions, you may see about 50 meteors per hour.

Of course, if you take pictures, please send them so we can share them on our newscasts:

Viewing Tips and Info:

> You can start watching now and continue up until August 13th

> Away from the city lights, as early as late evening, with the best time after midnight and before dawn each day.

>Give yourself 20 minutes for your eyes to adapt to the dark and at least an hour of observing time, since these meteors in meteor showers come in spurts and are interspersed with lulls.

>No equipment needed, just a comfy lawn chair or blanket.


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