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A fan of the box fan? You better be if you live on Mopac! - 06/10/13

This is a busy week ahead in the traffic department.

Noisy construction officially kicked off last night for the MoPac Improvement Project. Overnight lane closures this week are just the beginning. For the most part, they won't be an issue, because between 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. there just aren't a lot of people out driving around.

But it will be noisy for neighbors living along the freeway. So I'd suggest buying either a box fan, or one of those standing fans that makes enough noise to drown out the construction noise. Typically an overhead ceiling fan is just too quiet to do any good.

The only time traffic may become an issue is when we have events during the week, like Blues On The Green, which is this Wednesday night, along with construction on northbound MoPac between 29th and 35th St.

You could use north or southbound Lamar to avoid potential delays from construction. But when I drove into work this morning, I only hit the breaks to reduce my speed and show the construction workers some respect. Never speed when they're around.

To follow the MoPac Improvement Project check out their website:

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