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Christmas came early! - 08/21/13

It's only August and I already have a few things on my Christmas list. One of those things is for the Austin Fire Department to go back to the way things were about two months ago.
Let me explain... I follow about six or seven websites at any given time to get you the traffic reports. One of those is the AFD Active Fire Incidents website. This one:
They used to list when they were called out to a wreck and it was one of my most reliable sources, if not the most reliable. I knew that if a wreck was listed on the AFD website, it was there! That's not always the case with the Austin Police Department's website:
I've met with APD about upgrading their system, and they agree it's needed, but it takes a lot of time to do that, so I've adapted.
But then last month I noticed AFD wasn't responding to all these wrecks, so that was weird. So I call them and ask if something has changed with their reporting, and sure enough it had. I tweeted about it, you may have seen it.
I'm still not 100% clear on exactly why they stopped reporting it. First I was told it was in violation of HIPPA, but on my follow up call, it sounded more like it was some sort of technical glitch.
From what I understand, they're working on fixing the glitch. My fingers are crossed that Christmas comes early! I'll keep you posted.

An update.... I got a call this morning from AFD saying they fixed the glitch! Happy Back to School Monday! It wasn't fixed early this morning, but hoping from now on, things will be back to normal.

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