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Feeding a fiance... - 08/15/13

Thought I'd change up the pace for this blog, I was inspired by taco salad!

Transitioning from my sweet single life in Austin, TX, to living with a man for the first time in  ever, has been quite the adventure (for many reasons, but for now I'll focus on food). I was raised by my mom and grandmother and lets face it, men eat more than women.
I used to grocery shop and get some fruit, popcorn, wine and maybe some chicken if I was feeling adventurous. So when I moved in with my finace in May, he was very confused by all the fruit in his fridge. He politely pointed out, "All you buy is fruit!"
Frankly, it wasn't working for me either. Suddenly my $7 bag of grapes was gone in a day, it used to last a week. Someone suggested I start buy produce on sale... and I realized I needed to start buying more than just two chicken breasts. Those too disappeared quickly, so even though the $15 pack of 6 chicken breasts seemed pricey, it is actually working!
On Sunday I spent $70 at Central Market and got plenty of food for both of us for the week. Lots of veggies, some fruit, 6 chicken breasts, ground turkey and other various snacks. That was the least amount I've spent and the most amount of food I've bought since I moved in, things are looking up and I'm finally learning how to plan out our meals!
We grilled chicken and veggies Sunday night, I made taco salad Monday. It was delish!

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