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The Twelve Steps of Traffic Reporting: - 08/12/13

Well, there might not be twelve. But sometimes it feels thatway.

This video shows you a behind the scenes glimpse of what Ido when I hear about a wreck. Of course not all are in the line of sight of acamera, but when they are, I go looking! Check it out...

I'm gearing up over the next two weeks for the FIRST DAY OFSCHOOL! It will be a very busy Monday come August 26th. Hopefully you'realready following me on Twitter or Facebook. You can also connect with me andreport traffic problems you're seeing.

What you don't see in this video is the steps I take afterI've confirmed that there's a wreck I build my own maps, I tweet like a crazyperson, and if it's a really big issue, I'll Facebook about it.

When I started reporting on traffic in March last year, itwas a big learning curve. There are so many steps, and I was KEYE's first trafficreporter, so there was no one to show me the ropes. I had to figure it out onmy own. Being a former anchor/reporter, it is in my blood to report accurateinformation.

Sometimes the websiteI use from APD is outdated, or the location of a wreck is actually somewhere else,or the description is vague.  It drove mecrazy trying to figure out exactly what was happening and where. I wanted it tobe accurate and for it to matter to the masses about to head out on theirmorning commute. Ive come to realize most people sit in some traffic every day,but they want to know when theyre going to be sitting in traffic for 30 extraminutes.

Ive grown to really love my job and love helping Austincommuters. Im the bearer of the most helpful bad news youll hear all day!

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