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Want to transition to mass transit? There's an app for that. - 03/26/14

I went on an adventure this week. I rode a CapMetro bus for the first time.

Thankfully I met up with someone who was very familiar with how it all works, so she showed me the ropes.

Melissa Filkins got rid of her car about two years ago and now only uses mass transit to get around Austin.

The new app RideScout has helped make that a little easier for her. RideScout lets you plug in your starting point and destination, then displays all your options for getting there, and how much it will cost.

It tells you how much a cab would cost, where the nearest available Car2Go and B-Cycle station is located, and more.

I realize for a lot of people mass transit may not work, but I also think it could work for a lot of people, but the mystery of it all keeps people from giving it a shot.

If you've been interested in getting out of Austin traffic, check out RideScout to at least see what your options are.

Maybe you'll find a way you can drive or bike and get a little closer to a bus stop that will take you right to your destination.

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Let me know if you end up going on a mass transit adventure!

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