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Figuring Out SXSW - 02/26/13

You see those four little litters (SXSW) and everybody's eyes seem to light up. This will be my first year checking out the week long concert series and I'm still trying to figure it all out. The first thing that comes to my mind is, "Should I  buy a wrist band or not?"

Everyone seems to have a different opinion. Many people suggest to check out all of the free concert series since it will be my first year. I've gone around different websites and signed up for the free concerts you must register for. Another option I think I have is to stop by a few venues early and try waiting in line. Sometimes they let people through the doors if they have extra room.

One little tiff I have...why do all these bands wait so long to release the location they're playing? That makes my SXSW itinerary very difficult to complete. I've tried following bands on their twitter feeds which has helped, but I'm still lacking on locations for some of my favorite musicians.

Those of you who have gone through the SXSW experience before, I'm looking for your help. Guide me through this process. What's the best way to see some of the hot bands coming to town? Who should I talk to? Who's hand do I need to shake? "hint hint"

Until then, may you music lovers jam out on your iPods until the show begins.

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