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From One Cold Front To The Next - 09/29/13

It's finally beginning to feel like fall!!! Well, at least when a cold front moves through. This last weekend was interesting when we had temperatures in the 90s on Saturday and they dropped into the 70s by Sunday. Yup, that's what we get to look forward to this upcoming season -- more and more cold fronts.

Austin is positioned in an interesting place here in North America. A place that doesn't really cool down and stay cool. It usually cools down for a few days, and then warms back up. This is very typical due to the common easterlies along the equator and the fact that we're so close to that big warm pool to our southeast...the Gulf of Mexico.

We are gearing up for what I think could be our first MAJOR cold front of the major I mean: Evening temperatures in the 40s in rural areas with low 50s elsewhere and daytime highs in the 60s and 70s. I see this coming the first weekend of October, a weekend some of us will be jammin' out at ACL. Some of you may need a hoody -- I'm just sayin'.

I'm looking forward to this cool autumn outlook. I'm actually hoping for a brutally cold winter. One that will bring snow, freezing temperatures, and lots and lots of rain. We'll see if my wish will be granted.

Until then,

Jordan Steele

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