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Safer Police Chases - 02/20/14

High speed police chases on TV always get your attention.  It's hard to take your eyes off of them.  You ask yourself, "why this guy is running from police?  Does he think he will get away with it? Will he do something crazy and put people in danger?"  It's that last question that is the biggest question on the minds of law enforcement.

Last year I remember Austin Police got a grant and rolled out a new system called Star Chase.  It shoots a GPS dart into the back of a suspect's car so police can pull back, take some heat off the chase and it tracks the suspect until they stop.  It also takes the speeds down and some danger out of the equation.

So I want to know how the pilot project is going after its first year. Is it working? How much does it cost? And, is it preventing crashes?

That's the story I'm working on for Tuesday's 10 o'clock show.

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