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3D Printer Helping Breast Cancer Survivors, Really! - 10/31/13

You may have heard about the University of Texas student who made a gun with a 3D printer or the rocket engine NASA is using that was built from a 3D printer. But chances are you haven't heard of the 3D printer that is making breast tissue. Yes, a 3D printer is being used to make human skin. The thought of it blew me away.

I didn't know about it either until my co-anchor Judy Maggio told me about this small Austin company that is doing some pretty cool things in the bio-science field. So I started making calls. The company is called TeVido BioDevices.

I will be talking to the founder of the 3D breast printing company, a top plastic surgeon in Austin who does breast reconstruction and abreast cancer survivor. My story will air on Thursday at 10pm. I'm looking forward to sharing it with you.


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