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American Idiot on Broadway in Austin

Updated: Friday, January 10 2014, 07:51 PM CST

You've listened to Green Day's 2004 album many times, but seeing it on Broadway is a totally different medium that will broaden your experience. The story follows three boyhood friends, Johnny, Will, and Tunny, that are dissatisfied with authority and are looking for meaning in a post 9-11 world. Johnny and Tunny leave their suburban life to find excitement in the city while Will stays back to workout his relationship with his pregnant girlfriend. Soon Tunny is discontent with the city and joins the military. He is then shipped off to war.    

KEYE-TV talked with Taylor Jones, who plays The Extraordinary Girl. She's in the military and becomes the love interest of Tunny. "She first appears in a fantasy sequence dancing her way into his heart. My character really develops in the second half of the show. But even in that little bit of time, you see her fall in love and have to help rebuild the moral of a wounded soldier. Every character is relatable, but on different walks in their life." Because of this, Jones believes "different people will bond with different characters, but there is something for everyone."

Winner of two Tony Awards, the musical is more like a rock concert. "It's set to Green Day's album American Idiot, and they did an excellent job of keeping that essence. The choreography is fast, hard, and intense. There are 37 TVs on stage, and an outrageous number of lights," Jones says.

The musical features the hits Boulevard of Broken Dreams, 21 Guns, Wake Me Up When September Ends, Holiday, and the blockbuster title track, American Idiot from Green Day's Grammy Award-winning, multi-platinum album. Also included in the score are several songs from Green Day's 2009 release 21st Century Breakdown and an unreleased love song, When It's Time.

When asked what Jones would life people to take away with them from the Broadway musical, she said, " the audience should leave ready to try something new in their life, and to face their own realities. Depending on the age of the person, it could also remind them of a moment they have already experienced that help them cope or happily remember." Come see what you take away from the experience. American Idiot contains adult content and strong language.

Bass Concert Hall

January 14 - 19

Weekdays at 8pm except Mondays, Saturday 2 & 8pm, Sunday at 1pm & 7pm

Throwback Tuesday: There will be snacks, a photobooth, graffiti wall, a fun-facts Powerpoint, and a Twitter karaoke lyrics contest with a chance to win prizes!

For tickets, call 471-4454 or click here:

American Idiot on Broadway in Austin

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