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First 4D Theater Comes To US

Updated: Sunday, June 29 2014, 01:39 PM CDT

You've likely heard of 3-D movies, but a movie theater in California offers a new movie going experience called 4-D.

With 4-D, it's not just about watching the action, it's about feeling it.

As movies face ever-increasing competition to snag eyeballs, one company is betting it can lure people into theaters with the fourth dimension.

Korean company CJ4D Plex is opening the first American 4-D theater in Los Angeles.

The technology isn't new. In 2009, Avatar was the first major picture viewed by audiences in 4-D, just not here in the united states.

There are more effects in and around the chairs - like mist, rain, wind, strobe lights -- even scents and bubbles.

But the company may have an uphill battle.

While last year's total box office jumped one percent in the U.S., 3-D receipts went the other direction, dropping a percent - even though Hollywood’s 45 3-D releases were nine more than the year before.

So many American movie theater owners are hesitant to take on 4-D, until they see how this theater does.

“What they're going to require with 4D is for audiences to get on the 4D bandwagon. If that catches on, then it goes from being a gimmick to a trend and potentially a habit of movie going.”

With an upcharge of $8 a ticket, consumers could end up paying around $25 a pop to see a 3-D movie with 4-D effects.

And is every movie right for 4-D?

“Absolutely not. We do our job in choosing movies that will work well in 4DX. It's not like we are doing something constantly like a ride. We pull back, let the story take over, but then when there's exciting moments, the 4D gets going and, you know, the adrenaline is rushing.”

Only time will tell if moviegoers will be rushing back for more.

First 4D Theater Comes To US

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