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Review: Disney's FROZEN

Updated: Monday, December 2 2013, 11:42 AM CST

Grade: B

By Ken The Critic @kenthecritic

It's Summer time and everything in the kingdom of Arendelle is frozen, but why? Anna (voiced by Kristen Bell) and her sister, Elsa, are very close, but Elsa learns as a young child that she has a power that almost killed Elsa. This power that she possesses is that she can create ice and snow, which sounds very magical and beautiful, yet when it's sharp icicles, it can be very dangerous. On the day of her coronation, Elsa looks stunning and she covers her hands with gloves for fear that she might accidentally cause harm. It's inevitable as she loses one of her gloves and her powers get out of control putting Arendelle under blizzard conditions. Since it's Summer, the townsfolk think she is horrible, so she retreats far away. Anna sets out on a journey to find her sister and make her feel like she can return to Arendelle. Along the journey, she meets a mountain man named Kristoff and even a snowman named Olaf (voiced by Josh Gad) along the way. Together, they help Anna find her sister.

From the creators of The Little Mermaid, the characters in Frozen are fun, but they lack the charm of the characters of The Little Mermaid. Maybe they shouldn't really be compared. There's not as many characters here and the story isn't as heart-warming, but there's still a sound message that is at the core of the film. Disney movies never leave out an important message that gives the film it's heartbeat. There are some musical numbers, but they are few and far between and just aren't as catchy as previous Disney musicals.

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Ken's Movie Review Grading Scale

A - Superb and solid; a movie that will be etched in your mind 10 years from now

B - Good movie, so good in fact that you would want to see it again before it's out of thetheaters; the story may drag in places

C - Average, entertaining at parts; you might want to wait and rent it

D - Lacks a lot from entertainment, plot, realism, development, etc.

F - Terrible and you will want to walk out of the movie; no redemptive qualities whatsoever

Review: Disney's FROZEN

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