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War Horse Ends Broadway Season In Austin

Updated: Monday, June 2 2014, 10:33 PM CDT

Winner of five 2011 Awards, War Horse races to the stage in Austin. It's the wonderful story of Albert and his horse, Joey. When Joey is given to the British and then eventually shipped off to France, Albert embarks on a treacherous mission to find his beloved horse and bring him home.  

KEYE-TV talked with Andrew Long, who plays double duty as Arthur Narracott and then again as Sergeant Thunder once the story goes to France. The Narracotts are the main family. We asked him what it's like playing with life-sized puppets, which are created by South Africa's Handspring Puppet Company. "We have 23 puppets in War Horse...small and large birds, wounded soldiers, geese, etc. You will find them in almost every scene and in very inventive ways. The horse puppets in particular are quite intimidating. They are large and the sound they can make are quite convincing that you are in the presence of a large animal in distress. We have several horse teams that bring Joey and Topthorn to life and they have different personalities, which make it less predictable about how and when they will respond," Long states.

To take us behind the scenes, Long says that the most time consuming element is the puppeteers learning the horse behavior and that it can take up to three months. "We have a physical therapist that travels with us full time since it is quite an athletic endeavor for the performers. Out company is very physically fit and works out a lot."

We asked him how the Broadway setting is different than the movie. Long says, "I suppose the most obvious difference between the film and the play is the puppetry that we use in creating this expansive sweeping story. Your imagination is constantly engaged during a performance of War Horse. It is remarkable how realistic the horses become for our audiences."

So come out and be engaged!  


Bass Concert Hall

May 6 - 11

Weekdays at 8pm, Saturday 2 & 8pm, Sunday at 1pm & 7pm

For tickets, call 471-4454 or click here:

War Horse Ends Broadway Season In Austin

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