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Last Update on March 31, 2015 07:11 GMT


SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- The wife and adult children of Robin Williams have decided to work out their disagreements like, well, family. Attorneys for both sides agreed to take the dispute over the actor's property and assets out of court -- and resolve them on their own. A judge in San Francisco says the two sides are to meet before next Friday -- and if needed, use a mediator before returning to court. Last December, Williams' widow filed papers suggesting disputes over Williams property might become a drawn-out court battle. But yesterday, attorneys for both sides suggested the differences aren't that big, after all. An attorney for Williams' children, Zachary, Zelda and Cody says the children want the matter resolved soon so they can move on with their lives and continue grieving over their dad who killed himself last August.

AP Entertainment Editor Oscar Wells Gabriel reports at issue are some personal items related to Robin Williams.

<<CUT ..013 (03/31/15)>> 00:14 "given to them"

James Wagstaffe, attorney for Susan Williams, widow of Robin Williams

Attorney Jim Wagstaffe, representing Robin Williams' widow Susan Williams, says his client has agreed on how hundreds of items should be distributed among the entertainer's family. COURTESY KGO ((mandatory on-air credit)) EMBARGO: San Francisco market

<<CUT ..014 (03/31/15)>> 00:07 "this behind them"

Meredith Bushnell, attorney for Robin Williams' children

Attorney Meredith Bushnell, representing Robin Williams' children, says the court proceedings have been emotional for the family. COURTESY KGO ((mandatory on-air credit)) EMBARGO: San Francisco market


NEW YORK (AP) -- The new guy taking over on "The Daily Show" is promising to bring a more global perspective to the desk soon to be vacated by Jon Stewart. Trevor Noah is a mixed-race comedian from South Africa who traveled extensively before doing some comedy bits on Stewart's show. In one of those bits, he notes he never thought he'd "be more afraid of police here than in South Africa," adding that the unrest last year over the police shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri made him "nostalgic for the old days back home."

Comedian Trevor Noah says Jon Stewart expressed complete confidence in him. ((note audio quality))

<<CUT ..009 (03/31/15)>> 00:11 "institution in itself"

Trevor Noah, comedian

Comedian Trevor Noah says Jon Stewart has confidence in the producers and writers of 'The Daily Show.' ((note audio quality))

<<CUT ..010 (03/31/15)>> 00:13 "of that now"

Trevor Noah, comedian

Comedian Trevor Noah says 'The Daily Show' is bigger than its host. ((note audio quality))


BEIJING (AP) -- Anyone who knows anything about the movie industry predicts "Furious 7" will be a shoo-in winner at the box office this weekend. But franchise star Vin Diesel says there's one thing the movie won't win: an Oscar. And he says that's unfortunate. He says the finale in the "Fast and Furious" saga deserves to win for best picture -- but won't. Diesel says for one thing, it's an action film and another -- it's a sequel. And as long as he was ripping on the Academy, he didn't stop there. Diesel says movies that tend to be nominated for best picture do poorly at the box office. He made the comments in Beijing, where "Furious 7" makes its premiere later next month. It opens in U.S. theaters Friday.


LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Carl's Junior model Charlotte McKinney was worried about her chest getting in the way on "Dancing With the Stars." Perhaps she should have been more concerned about her feet. McKinney is the second celebrity of the season to be voted off the show. McKinney says she's a better for having competed on the dance floor. Last night, actor-singer Riker Lynch and gymnast Nastia Liukin were tied for the best judges' scores. McKinney and Patti LaBelle were tied at the other end of the judges' leaderboard.

Host Tom Bergeron announces this week's results. ((note length of cut)) COURTESY: BBC Worldwide Limited and American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. ((mandatory on-air credit))

<<CUT ..003 (03/31/15)>> 00:07 "learned so much"

Charlotte McKinney, contestant voted off

Charlotte McKinney says she's a better person after taking part in the competition. COURTESY: BBC Worldwide Limited and American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. ((mandatory on-air credit))


LOS ANGELES (AP) -- The teams on "The Voice" are now set for this season's live shows. The last slots in Top-20 were filled on last night's episode. Lexi Davila took the final spot, thanks to Christina Aguilera. Lexi was dropped by Team Adam but Team Xtina quickly snapped her up. Aguilera said she had been holding her steal for just the right singer and Lexi is it. Others to make through on the final night of the knockout rounds include Tonya Boyd-Cannon for Team Adam and Team Xtina's India Carney. Tonight's episode will be a recap of the season leading up the live rounds.

Adam Levine has to decide whether to keep Joshua or Lexi. COURTESY: NBC ((mandatory on-air credit))

<<CUT ..006 (03/31/15)>> 00:04 "is mine...yeah"

Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera gloats as she picks up Lexi, who was just dropped by Team Adam. COURTESY: NBC ((mandatory on-air credit))


LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Don't look now -- but "The Wiz" is making a comeback. It will be on TV as part of a live special to air on NBC. The network will add its take on the all-black retelling of the classic "Wizard of Oz" to its list of live theater productions. Meanwhile, Cirque du Soleil (SIRK doo soh-LAY') will be putting "The Wiz" on the boards for the 2016-17 Broadway season. Cirque de Soleil will also partner with NBC on the televised version of the production.

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