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      Hometown Farmer: Hogs Are Where The Heart Is

      SLOAN, IA - Don Lord's been on his farm since he was born. His father produced hogs there and his grandfather, too. When hog prices got steep, Don changed his business a bit. He still does what he knows best: raising pigs.

      "Not too many people do it anymore. Especially in older facilities, but it takes more work, but, you know, I enjoy it," said Lord.

      Don's running his farm a little different than when he first started.

      "Originally, we were gonna put hogs in strictly in the summer time, but then we decided to go more year round so we enclosed it," Lord described.

      "And I just do kind of a temporary enclosure here for the winter 'cause sometimes we have hogs in it, sometimes we don't."

      His first hog building was built back in the '70s. Now, Don said it works just fine, but it's not quite as efficient as his new building. It was only built 15 years ago. Don uses it for the younger hogs.

      "This is much nicer. It's a lot easier to control the climate in here. It's a complete ventilated building," Lord said describing the new hog facilitate.

      "I can set how much air and what movement through here, adjust it to the number of pigs, the size of the pigs."

      It's not just Don all alone on the farm, though. His wife is his real motivation.

      "It's a good life. We both enjoy it. I of course grew up on the farm. She was a city girl, but she's a farm girl now," said Lord.

      Don's wife also spends time taking care of their grandson. So she couldn't make it out to the farm that day.

      Just a year ago, he bought a GPS for his tractor and it's hands free steering which are added bonuses Lord said really make farming a heck of lot easier.