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Review: Sin City: A Dame To Kill For


Grade: B

By Ken The Critic @kenthecritic

Robert Rodriguez's takes it up a notch by making the sequel to his visually brilliant film Sin City in 3D. It definitely enhances every aspect of it since the entire film is it's all CGI and shot on green screen at Troublemaker Studios here in Austin. If you enjoyed the 2005 film, you will love this one just as much.

In Sin City: A Dame To Kill For, two of Frank Miller's classic stories are presented here. Marv (Mickey Rourke) is back and so is Nancy (Jessica Alba), the stripper from Kadie's Bar. Johnny (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) shows up to take down Senator Rourke (Powers Boothe), who happens to be his dad. Meanwhile, the dame to kill for is Ava (Eva Green), who is having an affair with Dwight (Josh Brolin). She fills his head with lies to get exactly what she wants. And he's not the only man that wants to kill for her. Sin City's cop, Mort (Christopher Meloni) takes a liking to her as well, but the outcome is dangerous! 

If I give a movie an "A" for a grade, I usually say that you will remember it at the end of a decade. Well, Sin City is 9 years old and it hasn't been forgotten. It is striking and does make you feel like you just fell into a graphic novel and took up residence in Sin City. Most directors have their masterpiece and I do believe this franchise is Robert Rodriguez's masterpiece. Frank Miller co-directs and lends his expertise of how the citizens are supposed to look on the big screen. The minimal saturated colors against the deep contrast of black and white makes this movie art. Sometimes blood is red and sometimes it's silhouetted as white. Ava's eyes glow brighter as a brilliant green the more tempting she becomes that you would think she is Bruce Banner's evil sister. If Rodriguez directed other comics or graphic novels like Spider-man or Thor in the same manner he has treated this, it would be very different. The dialogue would be minimal and probably not as enjoyable as the films that you know. In the same way, this is made with conversation kept short which drives the visuals, but the storyline is predictable and a little dull. However, this film is action-packed and the story is still seductive and bewitching.         

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Ken's Movie Review Grading Scale

A - Superb and solid; a movie that will be etched in your mind 10 years from now

B - Good movie, so good in fact that you would want to see it again before it's out of the theaters; the story may drag in places

C - Average, entertaining at parts; you might want to wait and rent it

D - Lacks a lot from entertainment, plot, realism, development, etc.

F - Terrible and you will want to walk out of the movie; no redemptive qualities whatsoever

Review: Sin City: A Dame To Kill For

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