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Austin Companies Unveil New Wearable Technology

Updated: Tuesday, November 12 2013, 08:14 AM CST

Wearable technology has consumers intrigued, spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars for the latest devices. Mutual Mobile, an Austin tech company, gave KEYE TV a firsthand look at new wearable technology consumers may soon be able to purchase without breaking the bank.  

Employees at Mutual Mobile have created an app that will track how well you can throw a spiral football. A sensor has been inserted inside a Nerf like football and when you throw it, the app will access your throw and then announce how you did through your phone's speaker. Sam Gaddis, co-founder of Mutual Mobile, says it's a great way to keep kids active while engaging in technology. As for athletes, Gaddis says it can only enhance their skills. Mutual mobile is currently working with a number of sporting companies to get this product on the market.

Another product in development is a smart dummy, Gaddis likes to call Bob. You punch Bob to activate the app and as you continue punching him, your speed and strength is measured. The purpose is to track your cardiovascular performance and better engage in your workout. Gaddis says expect to see this product in gyms in the near future.

Mutual Mobile also works with tech companies like Pristine. Pristine has developed a healthcare app for Google Glass. Founder, Kyle Samani says the best use for the app is for teaching purposes. A doctor can wear the glasses during surgery and whatever is being looked at, can be transmitted to a screen for students to observe. Doctors can also decide to record or delete the material. The app is HIPAA compliant and Samani says hospitals are snatching it up right now.

By Ashley Miller

Austin Companies Unveil New Wearable Technology

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