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Very Isolated Showers and Downpours

The cold front has already pushed through the Austin area.  Behind it some VERY isolated showers/downpours are popping up this afternoon.
Search hashtag #keyewx for updates.


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Morning News

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City Prepping Today For Flooding

Updated: Tuesday, October 15 2013, 07:55 AM CDT
This morning another massive downpour is expected in Central Texas, and with the ground already soaked, that's increasing the chances of flooding. On Tuesday, crews will continue the work they've already done over the last 24 hours to try to keep you safe.

Right now, they're focusing on the highest risk areas: Lady Bird Lake, Shoal Creek, Waller Creek, and Bouldin Creek, along with other inlets. On Tuesday, they'll be cleaning out those major streams, making sure the water can flow properly. Looking ahead, they also want to overcome some of the challenges they faced Sunday. One major one, getting crews out to close the low water crossings and getting everyone secure. They say they've identified the problem areas, and they'll call people into the Emergency Operations Center if needed. In the meantime, they say all the departments are keeping each other in the loop.

"We're talking to each other by telephone," said Scott Swearengin, from the City of Austin's Office of Homeland Security. "The Office of Homeland Security has a 24-hour emergency duty officer. That person is taking any calls to coordinate among the various departments."

But they say the one thing that can keep you the safest: you. That means turning around if you see water on the roads. They also say to keep your kids, pets, and yourself away from water during a storm.

The Red Cross also recommends you talk to everyone in your house about where to meet and who to contact, along with putting together an emergency preparedness kit. They also say to monitor flash warnings, not go out during warnings, or if you are out, seek higher ground.

Also, if you see debris clogging any kind of drainage device, the city wants you to call 3-1-1.  They also also want you to call 3-1-1 if you experienced flooding over the weekend so they know what trouble spots to focus on going forward.
City Prepping Today For Flooding

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