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Fighting Wildfire With Technology

Updated: Wednesday, January 15 2014, 06:58 AM CST
Today firefighters and researchers from across the country are headed to Camp Swift near Bastrop to try to figure out how to stop wildfires faster.

The wildfire threat in Central Texas is still a very real danger, one with potentially devastating results like those seen in Bastrop, Oak Hill, and Steiner Ranch in recent years.

The goal: in short, it’s all about saving homes and lives of both firefighters and those near areas where fires break out.

Researchers plan to use advanced technology similar to what you’d see on a battle field to learn more about how to contain and control wildfires faster.

Some of the technology they plan to use: unmanned aerial drones, sound detection and ranging equipment, and light detection and ranging equipment.

Crews conducting the research say all of this will help them keep track of how fires burn under certain weather conditions and with vegetation.

Officials hope that whatever they learn today will have worldwide impact.

To give you an idea of how big an effort this is, fourteen agencies from across the country, everything from state and local governments, fire prevention, military groups, universities all taking part.

Officials tell us they plan to limit the burns to three spots, roughly an acre each, and keep a close eye on the weather.Fighting Wildfire With Technology

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