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Morning News

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Georgetown E-Cig Ban Starts Wednesday

Updated: Wednesday, April 23 2014, 07:43 AM CDT
On Wednesday morning, Georgetown becomes the latest city to ban the increasingly popular electronic cigarettes. Starting Wednesday, you can’t smoke “e-cigs” inside public places or businesses.

Vapor devices, liquid nicotine, and other electronic nicotine delivery devices are also off limits. The new ordinance also bans selling them to anyone under 18, and minors are also not allowed to possess them. Vending machines are no longer allowed to carry them either.  There are three exceptions to the ordinance: private membership clubs, private homes, and private vehicles.

The reason behind all of this: many city council members worry e-cigs are not safe.  A big part of the new ordinance tries to keep them away from kids. The FDA is concerned it can lead to nicotine addiction and serve as a gateway drug to more traditional forms of tobacco. Council members point to an FDA consumer statement mentioning some samples being found to contain toxic chemicals and carcinogens. Many doctors say there’s not enough research to decide if secondhand vapors are safer than secondhand smoke.

San Marcos and Williamson County have also banned e-cigs, and Cedar Park and Austin are looking into the idea.
Georgetown E-Cig Ban Starts Wednesday

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