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Georgetown Man Walks One Day After Hip Replacement

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 04:13 PM CDT

A Georgetown man gets back on his feet just hours after hip replacement surgery. The 72-year-old went in for surgery in the morning and was standing by the afternoon.

Dave Kress, an avid tennis player, is already back on the court. In April, Kress had his right hip replaced using an alternative, less invasive procedure called the SuperPATH technique.

Kress says the difference in pain before and after surgery is incredible. "My right hip hurt so bad that I just couldn't hardly walk."

Dr. Cliff O'Meara is one of only about ten surgeons in the country who offers the SuperPath technique, "The main benefit is that you haven't altered their tissue, you've left it as pristine as possible."

Unlike traditional hip replacement, SuperPATH only requires two small incisions with no need to dislocate the hip. Dr. O'Meara builds the artificial hip inside the patient, leaving muscles and tendons attached.

Dr. O'Meara says even patients less active than Kress are standing up after surgery, many are walking the same week.

Kress plans to have his left hip replaced in the Fall.

For more information on the SuperPATH technique, visit their website. To learn more about Dr. O'Meara, go to Georgetown Orthopedics website.

-- Deeda Payton, KEYE TV News.

Georgetown Man Walks One Day After Hip Replacement

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