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New Board Game Has Kids Fighting Obesity

Updated: Tuesday, September 3 2013, 09:51 AM CDT

A Central Texas family is spreading their fitness knowledge with a new children's game. LunchBox Kids gets children excited to learn about nutrition and now has Texas school districts taking notice.

"It's real inexpensive for schools. They can get 8 kids playing on one board game. What they like about it is that it's cross curriculum. It touches on math and science and it covers all their fitness T's for health and P.E.," says Liz Northcutt, inventor and CEO of LunchBox Kids.

The game has exercise challenges and 400 pop quiz cards that gets kids moving and their brains thinking nutrition. Each box comes with a workout poster and food scale.

"The whole point in our food scale chart here is to tell the kids two eat 75% in the green and you can still have your junk foods and things, but just keep them to a minimum. 20% in the yellow and 5% in the actual junk food," says Bryan Northcutt.

The Northcutt family says it's like a little personal trainer in a box.

"It teaches them about cardiovascular disease. It teaches them about LDL and HDL cholesterol, muscles, bones carbohydrates, whole foods," says Liz Northcutt.

With 1/3 of American children and adolescents diagnosed as obese, this game may be just what kids need to learn healthy lifestyle habits. Each game costs $55, but for schools, there's bulk pricing. For more information on how to buy LunchBox Kids click on the link.

By Ashley Miller

New Board Game Has Kids Fighting Obesity

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