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Officials Continue Round-The-Clock Flood Recovery, Storm Preparation

Updated: Monday, November 4 2013, 06:10 AM CST
This morning, round-the-clock recovery efforts continue in South Austin, days after deadly flooding. And with more rain on the way, officials say they’re keeping their guard up.

It may say Dove Springs Recreation Center on the outside of the building, but it's become the 24/7 flood resource center. Early Monday morning, a volunteer tells KEYETV there are 55 people sleeping inside, a number they expect to keep growing as more people run out of options to stay. Officials say no matter how much rain comes to Central Texas in the coming days or beyond, they're ready.

Overnight Monday, several police officers stood on-guard inside the rec center, which gives flood victims a place to sleep, shower, and get crucial supplies. Red Cross officials say they can hold more people if they need to at this location, and if more people have to stay out of their flood damaged homes, or more bad weather hits, they can open up extra shelters. To be ready, officials say they're keeping their eye on all weather heading toward Central Texas, but they say preparing is a shared responsibility.

"We are watching the weather with everyone else,” said Marty McKellips, Regional CEO of the American Red Cross. “We're prepared to make adjustments in our plan if we need to if there is some more weather impacting it. But I would encourage everyone in Central Texas, no matter whether you live in a flood zone or on the top of a mountain, that you say to yourself, ‘Do I have a disaster plan myself if something occurs?’"

Officials say they'll keep the shelter open as long as they need to. If you want to help out, the Red Cross says they really need donations at this point. If you want to donate food and water, take that to Oak Meadows Baptist Church on 6905 S/ IH=35.

How to help flood victims:

Resources for flood victims: Continue Round-The-Clock Flood Recovery, Storm Preparation

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