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Shelter Braces For Influx From F1, UT Game

Updated: Thursday, November 14 2013, 07:02 AM CST
Forced out or priced out: that's what some nonprofits worry could happen to flood victims staying in hotels, with tens of thousands of fans in town this weekend for the Formula One Race and UT football games.

Both events could book many hotels on their own, but add both of them together, with rooms pre-booked for months and average rates at some available rooms doubling or tripling, and that means some flood victims could have to find a new place to stay.

They have room now, but by this weekend, the Red Cross worries that may not be the case at the shelter at the Dove Springs Recreation Center in Southeast Austin. Volunteers tell us they're prepping for several scenarios. Right now, they tell us they have not met any families who have had to leave hotel rooms yet and their numbers at the shelter Tuesday night during the cold actually went down slightly. They say that's because they've been working to get these victims into permanent housing, something they say they'll continue to do this weekend.

"We have a lot of case workers who are trying to match the families that have been staying at the shelter with open housing so that they can get either rental assistance or another agency can help them get into a new apartment," said Bristel Bowen, Communications Director of the Red Cross of Central Texas.

If the Dove Springs shelter does fill up, Bowen says they'll have another on standby. She says the nonprofit is still looking for donations and says this recovery will last a long time.

Shelter Braces For Influx From F1, UT Game

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