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Morning News

Morning News

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Travis County Commissioners To Vote On Floodplain Buyout Rules Tuesday

Updated: Tuesday, March 25 2014, 07:03 AM CDT
Travis County Commissioners hope to move forward with plans to buy up properties in the Onion Creek area.

Nearly 60 properties total, including nine commercial properties, turned in applications for the buyout. The county has $3.4 million to spend. 

The commercial buyouts are a first for the county, so in addition to tagging which businesses to buy, they also have to outline some procedures and guidelines to follow.

KEYETV uncovered the ground rules they're expected to adopt or approve. Under the draft rules, homes would still get priority over non-residential properties.

But the county could also buy out businesses, churches, schools, and other non-residential properties if the owner foots the tab for an environmental assessment, the property meets FEMA’s Benefit-Cost Analysis model, and the owner is responsible for paying for removal of all of their personal belongings before the closing date on the sale.

Travis County Commissioners To Vote On Floodplain Buyout Rules Tuesday

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