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Two Displaced After Overnight Fire

Updated: Tuesday, September 3 2013, 05:45 AM CDT
Breaking news overnight as fire forces two people from their home. It happened in Northeast Austin just before midnight. As winds picked up, embers were sent flying into neighbors’ yards, sparking small fires and threatening people’s homes.

At this hour, fire crews are keeping a close eye on the home in the 11300 block of April Dr near Braker and Dessau.

The garage and attic were destroyed, trees burned, and at this hour neighbors are breathing a sigh of relief their homes were spared from the flying embers.

It was a fire so intense Austin Fire immediately called for backup after seeing what they were up against. Not only were the garage and attic engulfed in flames, fire crews were also fighting flames involving a tree, a boat, and bamboo in the front yard.

With winds picking up, embers began blowing down the block, starting small fires nearby and threatening several homes. One neighbor who called 911 took action herself.

“I go to the neighbor’s house banging on the door,” said Jennifer Lukic. “I didn't think anyone was there so I started turning on her hoses and watering her roof and the house next door's roof and all the landscaping in the front. I'm just trying to water it down because I know that I see the embers falling in the grass, and I’m trying to stomp them out.”

We’re told the person inside the home when the fire started was able to make it out safely. AFD officials tell us the owner was out of town. Both are now staying with friends. No one was hurt.

Fire investigators plan to look into the cause of the fire once the sun comes up. At this hour, officials say they don’t know if the home had a working smoke detector or if Monday night’s storms may have played a part in sparking the fire.

With the intense drought here in Central Texas, fire officials say it’s crucial people take extra care when putting out outdoor barbecues or cigarettes.

Two Displaced After Overnight Fire

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