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TxDOT Releasing New Toll Violator List Today

Updated: Monday, December 2 2013, 06:01 AM CST
If you've zoomed through one of the numerous toll plazas around Austin without paying, get ready: later Monday, TxDOT is releasing the latest list of its top 25 toll violators in the state.

While officials say the first campaign has been successful, they've only collected about four percent of all the money they say drivers still owe. On Monday, they'll continue going after 28,000 people that don't have a toll tag and zoomed through toll booths more than 100 times.

Here's what TxDOT says they've collected so far: $1.3 million in unpaid tolls and fees in just one month, but that's out of a total of $27 million owed statewide. TxDOT says they're working out payments with ten of the top 25 from October's list, and six are now in good standing. TxDOT will use the tolls to pay debt and keep up state-maintained toll roads.

"It's just not fair for those people who are driving and not paying their toll to the tens of thousands of people who are paying their tolls," said Veronica Beyer of TxDOT. "Essentially these people are stealing from the state and from their fellow citizens, and it's just not fair."

Not paying up could mean getting your car banned from toll roads, ticketed, or even impounded.

TxDOT will put that list at and All of the top 25 violators from October's list were from the Austin area.
TxDOT Releasing New Toll Violator List Today

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