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Weighing In on CapMetro's Proposed Fare Increases

Updated: Friday, September 6 2013, 06:12 AM CDT
This morning, Capital Metro is looking ahead to new ways to help you beat gridlock, just hours after getting a $11.3 million grant from Washington to improve rail here in Austin.

While you may get some of your time back, you could soon also be losing more cash.

Starting next year, you could find yourself paying nearly triple what you're paying now to ride the MetroRail one-way, one-zone. Cap Metro's looking at raising that fare from $1 to $2.75 in 2014, then to $3.50 in 2015.

It's a move some question, with some believing the system doesn't currently have enough riders to back up an increase. But Cap Metro leaders argue ridership's tripled since the Red Line opened in 2010 and that typically morning and afternoon trains are standing-room only.

CapMetro sees the fare increases as part of a plan to meet their immediate and long-term financial goals.

"If you look at it at certain times, you may say the trains don't have many people on them, but it's the same thing looking at a highway during rush hour versus a non-rush hour," said Melvin Clark, Vice President of Real Operations at Capital Metro.

CapMetro bus riders could also soon be feeling the pinch in their pockets if the proposed fares get the green light. Fares could go up in 2015. CapMetro says if they do move forward with all of the proposed fare increases, it would bring in an extra $4.5 million to $4.7 million per year.

If you'd like to voice your opinion, the first feedback sessions start Monday online at noon. You can register and see the proposed fare increases at
Weighing In on CapMetro's Proposed Fare Increases

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