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Texting While Driving Kills Thousands of People Each Year. Many More are Seriously Injured.
You Can Help Make Our Roads a "NO TXT ZONE"

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No Text Zone Videos

KEYE TV's Fred Cantu is reporting on our No TXT Zone effort -- the dangers and what you can do keep your family safe.

  •  Free Apps Aim To Keep Young Drivers From Texting Behind The Wheel
  •  Ross Law Group Supports No TXT Zone
  •  Enforcing Texting And Driving Laws
  •  Texting And Driving Experiment
  •  Voice Command Texting Challenged
  •  Legal Implications Of Texting And Driving
  •  Long Motors Supports No TXT Zone
  •  Statewide Ban On Texting And Driving Pushed At Legislature
  •  Austin School Crossing Guard Marks 30 Years Keeping Children Safe
  •  Voice-Activated Systems Do Little To Keep Focus On Driving
  •  What's A Bigger Driver Distraction? Your Phone Or Your Passengers?
  •  Study: Texting While Driving Comes Without Thinking
  •  How Other States Curb Texting And Driving
  •  Texas Lawmakers Looking To Try Texting While Driving Ban Again
  •  Wireless Company Increases Efforts To Make Streets A No Text Zone
  •  Transportation Officials Seek To Educated Drivers On Texting Dangers
  •  West Austin Hit And Run Case Calls Attention To Distracted Driving
  •  New Study Highlights Dangers Of Texting While Driving
  •  Studies Suggest Texting While Driving Worse Than DWI
  •  West Va. First To Consider Banning Wearable Computers
  •  Distracted Driving Month Update
  •  TxDOT Begins New Awareness Campaign
  •  Colorado Tragedy A Call To Action
  •  Statewide Ban On Texting While Driving Arrives In Texas Senate
  •  No Text Zone: Ray LaHood's Legacy
  •  Major Wireless Carriers Unite To Fight Texting While Driving
  •  Louisiana Close To Banning Social Media While Driving
  •  Florida Now 40th State To Ban Texting While Driving
  •  Blame Assessed In Failure Of Statewide Ban on Texting While Driving
  •  Feds Look For Technological Solution
  •  Florida Truckers To Face New Texting Penalties
  •  Study Confirms Hands-Free Texting Still Distracts Drivers
  •  State Enact New Texting, Driving Laws
  •  States Enact New Laws

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