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Police Shooting

Police Shooting

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Austin Officer Shot, Killed Identified

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 04:13 PM CDT
An Austin police officer was shot and killed at a North Austin Walmart early Friday morning.

The shooting happened at 2:30 a.m. at the Walmart off I-35 near Parmer Lane.

According to Police Chief Art Acevedo, Senior Officer Jaime Padron responded to a 911 call about an intoxicated male roaming around the store. He went inside, approached the man and was immediately engaged in a fight. The man pulled a semi-automatic handgun and shot Padron at point-blank in the neck area.  Acevedo says the officer never had a chance to unholster his weapon.

Padron was able to radio for help. Two Walmart employees tackled the shooter and held him until a second officer arrived. The second officer began CPR. EMS responded and was unable to save the officer.

Acevedo says Padron is survived by two daughters, age 6 and 10. Chief Acevedo said to the family, “You are not alone.”

City Manager Mark Ott also addressed the community and said, “We lost a member of our family.”

The shooter is in custody and charges are pending.

Padron was a U.S. Marine Corps veteran and had served with the Austin Police Department for three years. He had previously served with the Austin Airport Police Department and the San Angelo Police Department for 14 years.

The last Austin officer killed in the line of duty was Amy Donovan.  On Oct. 31, 2004, was killed when she was accidentally struck by a police cruiser during a foot chase.

The last officer shot in the line of duty was Ralph A. Ablanedo.  He was killed on May 18, 1978 after a traffic stop. David Lee Powell was executed for the murder.

We have a special section with detailed information about Officer Padron, the shooting and a list of all the Austin officers who have died in the line of duty. Officer Shot, Killed Identified

Fallen Austin Officers

Amy Donovan

Amy Donovan, 37, Oct. 31, 2004
Officer Donovan was chasing a suspect on foot in East Austin. Her partner put the patrol car in reverse and tried to block the man's escape route. During the chase, the patrol car struck Donovan and pinned her next to a utility pole. Donovan had been a police officer for five months. She was survived by a husband and four children.

Clinton Hunter

Clinton Hunter, 22, Nov. 29, 2001
Officer Hunter was on the I-35 access road near Onion Creek waiting to deploy a stinger, a device used to puncture and flatten tires, to stop car during a chase. The car hit and killed Hunter. He had been an officer for 14 months. Hunter is survived by a wife and two children.

Drew Alan Bolin

Drew Alan Bolin, 25, June 2, 1995
Officer Bolin was directing traffic at an accident site on I-35 when a drunk driver hit and killed him. Bolin had been an officer for five months. He was survived by his parents and fiancee.

Robert Martinez Jr.

Robert Martinez Jr., 26, February 25, 1989
Officer Robert Martinez Jr. died when his patrol car struck a tree. Martinez, who was en route to assist another officer, swerved to avoid a pick up truck that had pulled into his path.

Lee Smith

Lee Smith, 28, December 15, 1979
Officer Smith was chasing a suspect on MoPac when he lost control of his motorcycle. He died from his injuries several months later.

Ralph A. Ablanedo

Ralph A. Ablanedo, 26, May 18, 1978
Officer Ablanedo was shot to death during a traffic stop. The passenger in the car, David Lee Powell, had a warrant for his arrest. He shot Ablanedo with an AK-47. Powell was executed for the murder in 2010.

Read the entire list here.


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