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Austinites Sound Off On Record Low Congressional Approval Rating

Updated: Tuesday, August 21 2012, 03:16 PM CDT

We know Congress’ approval rating is at an all time low.  A recent Gallup poll showed that only 10 percent of Americans approve of the job Congress is doing.  What the Gallup poll doesn’t address is why?

“Because they are not doing anything,” says Fred Strietelmeier.  He says it seems like Congress isn’t getting its work done.  And he’s somewhat right.  This body of lawmakers is on track to pass less legislation than decades of previous Congresses, “I’d fire them all and start over but that’s not realistic,” jokes Stritelmeier, who believes legislators are paralyzed because they’re too polarized to represent the people anymore, “If I don’t get my way I am going to go to the extreme.  We go to the extremes and the majority of the population is in the middle not at either side.”

Gayle Newcomer agrees, “I don’t feel they represent me.  I think there are some who are good who try to, but overall I don’t know that they can.  The system needs some work.”

Newcomer has actually given up on the process, “I’m so frustrated with it that I haven’t voted.  I haven’t been voting.”

But we did run into one of the statistical of the ten percent that approves of Congress.  “You can’t blame Congress on everything; especially with the economy the way it was,” says William Lins.  Lins holds that senators and representatives are not totally responsible for the fact that 90 percent of Americans don’t approve of Congress’ job performance, “90 percent of the people aren’t educated…everybody is pointing fingers at everybody else when it is an economy issue that has nothing to do with who is in office”.

By Jason Wheeler.Austinites Sound Off On Record Low Congressional Approval Rating

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