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Davis Relaunches Equal Pay Attack Against Abbott

Updated: Monday, March 24 2014, 06:26 PM CDT

Equal pay is once again the hot button issue in the race for Texas Governor. On Monday, Democratic candidate Wendy Davis launched another attack against republican opponent, Attorney General Greg Abbott. 

The San Antonio Express-News has reported that Abbott's office pays female assistant attorneys general an average of $6,000 less than men in the same position. Today at Scholz Garten in Downtown Austin, Davis demanded an explanation. 

"This Texas gal is calling you out," said Davis. "Act like a Texan Greg Abbott and answer this question for yourself. What on earth is going on at your attorney general's office?" 

The Abbott campaign says compensation at the attorney general’s office is based on job duties, qualifications, years of experience, and tenure at the agency.

This statement was given to KEYE TV by Deputy Communications Director Lauren Bean:

"Attorney General Abbott strongly supports equal pay -- the federal and state equal pay laws that already exist today -- and ensures those laws are followed at the Office of the Attorney General. General Abbott has a proven record of hiring and advancing women at the attorney general's office. The Texas Attorney General's Office employs roughly 1,800 more women than men; the number of female lawyers at the attorney general's office has increased by 23 percent under General Abbott's leadership; and approximately 40 percent of executive-level employees and division chiefs are women."

As a state senator, Davis sponsored an equal pay bill that won support in the Texas Legislature but was vetoed by Governor Rick Perry. On Monday, she continued to hammer Abbott after his campaign said the republican candidate would also veto equal pay legislation because women could go to federal court with their grievances. 

The Davis campaign shows no signs of letting up on the issue even as questions about equal pay turn to her campaign staff where women average higher salaries than men. 

"My top paid staff, both in my senate and campaign office, are women. Again, people in my office are paid according to their experience and their abilities," said Davis.

Click here to see Davis's entire speech.

Davis Relaunches Equal Pay Attack Against Abbott

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