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Gov. Perry: Fed Gov't 'Out Of Control'

Updated: Thursday, April 24 2014, 06:04 PM CDT

Come and take it. That's the challenge issued to the federal government by Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott. And the man he hopes to succeed -- Texas Governor Rick Perry -- is backing him up

At the center of the issue is 90,000 acres of land on the Texas side of the Red River bordering Oklahoma and whether the Bureau of Land Management can claim the land as public domain.

"The federal government is coming in and attempting, from our perspective, to take over private property," Perry said Thursday during an interview on CBS This Morning.

But a written statement Tuesday by a BLM spokesperson says "the BLM is categorically not expanding federal holdings along the red river."

That statement seems to refer to a 1986 federal court case in which a Texas landowner lost 140 acres to the BLM.

Now some worry that is being used as precedent.

Already in Nevada a landowner's battle with the BLM has reached a boiling point with ranchers taking up arms

"I hope our government officials are very very wise and use common sense when it comes to these issues of conflict within the borders of the United States," Perry said.

According to the BLM the Red River land dispute is only in the preliminary review phase and any potential action would be years away.

But Governor Perry is making his stance clear: "If this country is to stay the land of freedom and liberty private property rights must be respected," he said.

By Hunter Ellis

Gov. Perry: Fed Gov't 'Out Of Control'

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