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Obama Chides GOP In Austin Speech For Opposing His Agenda

Updated: Thursday, July 10 2014, 06:54 PM CDT

President Barack Obama took off the gloves and his suit coat to wow a Texas crowd and attack Republicans as he talked about the economy.

The president told the packed Paramount Theatre audience that he loves Austin and that he's arrived because he finally played a gig at the Paramount Theatre.

Obama said he is in Austin because of 20-year-old University of Texas student Kinsey Button.

Button wrote President Obama a letter last year spelling out why she was frustrated with the economy and the fact her well educated parents couldn't find employment.  Obama used her parents' story to launch into what his administration has done to put people back to work and help the economy.

The president said his administration created 10 million jobs in the last 52 months.  He said he "reduced carbon emissions, increased solar power" and said high school graduation rates are at a "record high."

He went on to say Americans bounce back and took credit for decisions his administration made to get people back to work.  Obama said the U.S. is the number one place to invest in the world and companies are bringing jobs back to America.

"If you work hard here, work hard in Texas you can make it here," the president said.

Then the gloves came off.  President Obama then went on to blast the Republicans for inaction in Congress.

"The problem in Congress is not the Democrats," President Obama said.

He said the Republicans blocked every move to help the middle class.

"The best thing Republicans have done this year is that they have not shut down the government," President Obama said.  "But, it's only July."

Then he said he wants the next manufacturing revolution to happen in the U.S., in Austin.

But, President Obama said Republicans were standing in the way of progress and said they don't have enough energy or organization to do something.

About this point in the speech a heckler tried to interrupt the president.  Just as security was going to take him away the president stop his speech and promised to talk to him when he was finished.  He made good on that promised and talked to the heckler.  The exact conversation has not been shared yet.

Then the president gave the crowd a call to action.

"A sense of common purpose made us great," President Obama said.  "Let's do something."

President Obama then shook some hands and the motorcade headed over to Franklin's BBQ and then Air Force One was wheels up around 2 p.m.

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By Walt Maciborski

Obama Chides GOP In Austin Speech For Opposing His Agenda

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