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Perry Weighs In On Missouri Tax Cut Veto

Updated: Friday, August 30 2013, 11:44 AM CDT

Texas Gov. Rick Perry is passionately urging the state legislature to override a controversial veto. Only, the state legislature in this case is Missouri's and the veto Perry has in mind was signed by that state's Democratic governor, Jay Nixon.

The conservative group Grow Missouri invited Perry to the Show-Me State Thursday to campaign for a legislative override of Nixon's nixing of a tax cut bill.

At a rally Thursday night in St. Louis that you could be forgiven for mistaking for a political campaign stop, Perry took to the stage, sleeves rolled up, and displayed the energy of a politician half his age.

"Make this happen! Grow Missouri! Override that veto," he exuberantly yelled to the floor packed with activists waving supportive signs.

The theatrics coincided with a radio ad Perry voiced touting Texas' low taxes and low unemployment that began airing in Missouri last week. Critics, including Nixon, slammed Perry for what they characterized as a headhunting raid on Missouri's businesses.

Perry deflected a direct question on that topic, telling a reporter last night, "I came to Missouri to share with people what we're doing in Texas."

For his part, Nixon fired back on Perry on social media. This weekend, he published a top-ten list on Twitter detailing the reasons his state is better than Texas. He claimed Missouri has a lower sale tax, lower property taxes, and a better credit rating.

Responding to that, Perry said, "I don't know where he's coming from on a better credit rating. The other two, he's correct on."

He then added an ambiguous if folksy metaphor: "That's like saying, 'I really like your tie but, boy, your shoes don't match and your socks don't look very good either.'"

Perry Weighs In On Missouri Tax Cut Veto

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