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President Obama Visits Franklin Barbecue

Updated: Thursday, July 10 2014, 06:17 PM CDT

President Barack Obama couldn't leave Austin without stopping at some famous eateries.

Before his speech at the Paramount Theatre, he had tea with honey and lemon at Magnolia Cafe on Lake Austin Boulevard.

Afterwards, rumors turned to reality when he showed up at Franklin Barbecue.

Imagine learning just minutes beforehand the President of the United States would be paying you a visit.

"They actually didn't tell us," said owner, Aaron Franklin. "Secret service just started showing up and APD was kind of swarming about, and then they're like oh he'll be here in like 20 min. I'm like OH, Oh ok!"

When you're the owner of the world famous BBQ restaurant, your only question is what about the line? "Obama skipped the line, it's true," said Franklin.

Franklin insists Obama is the first person to do so. "But, he apologized on his way out," said patron, Sarah Farnsworth. "I feel like I"ll give the President some slack."

People waiting in line say Secret Service patted them down before Obama walked in.

"Anyone that approached him he shook their hand," said Aileen Menchaca.

"My wife and I talked to him. He held our little baby," said Franklin. "Yea, seems like a nice dude."

"It was amazing," said Mia Menchaca. "It's just such an honor to meet him."

When he got to the front of the line, the President placed a very Presidential order with employee Daniel Webb.  "He ordered a bunch of BBQ. The people behind him, he bought their lunch and he bought like nine pounds of brisket. It cleared out the turkey, we're out of turkey."

"I had no idea this was going to happen today," said Menchaca. "For the kids to be able to meet our President was just amazing."

By Deeda Payton

President Obama Visits Franklin Barbecue

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