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Reality Check: Lt. Gov. Dewhurst Campaign Ad

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 04:13 PM CDT

In a television campaign ad launched last week by Lt. Governor David Dewhurst's campaign, he makes several allegations about his challenger Ted Cruz.

"He's a lawyer trained in Washington."

That's misleading.  Ted Cruz's campaign website notes Cruz studied at Princeton and Harvard Law School - located in New Jersey and Massachusetts - not exactly the nation's capitol. 

Cruz did clerk in Washington for the Supreme Court Chief Justice, the first Hispanic to ever do so.

"Half the money supporting Cruz comes from Washington."

That's mostly false.  According to the Federal Election commission, as of July 11, Cruz has raised more than $9 million, with only $138,370 coming from Political Action Committees, or PACs.  What the FEC total does not include is the money given to Super PACs, like the Washington-based Club for Growth, which has spent $2.5 million dollars on campaign ads supporting Cruz.  Another Super PAC, the Senate Conservatives Fund, has spent just under $2 million on Cruz campaign ads.  But that's money given indirectly, and the donations to those Super PACS comes from all over the country.

"And Cruz got fined for keeping his finances secret."

That's partly true.  Cruz missed a May 15 deadline for filing his required personal financial disclosure.  His campaign said the deadline was in the middle of early voting and called it an oversight.  It was brought to the campaign's attention earlier this month by a reporter, and the campaign said they immediately turned over the disclosure along with a check.

The graphic in the ad says "Cruz broke the law" and that he was "fined."  In reality, Cruz paid a "late fee" to the Ethics Committee of the U.S. Senate of $200.

Dewhurst did file his financial disclosure in time.  The wealthy businessman's report was 134 pages long.  The financial record of Cruz was 14 pages long.

Lisa Leigh Kelly's sources for this Reality Check: Check: Lt. Gov. Dewhurst Campaign Ad

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