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Registering To Vote In Texas Could Go Online

Updated: Wednesday, May 21 2014, 06:45 PM CDT

The way you register to vote in Texas could change. Texas lawmakers are looking at the possibility of moving the voter registration process online.

On Wednesday the Texas House Committee on Elections heard testimony from experts about the online voting process.

"I think it just makes good sense for our county administrators and for the voters of Texas," said State Representative Celia Israel.

According to experts 19 other states have already made the transition, and are reporting huge successes.

"It's one of those rare win, wins for government," said The Pew Charitable Trusts Director of Election Initiatives David Becker.

Their research shows across the country there were 24 million inaccurate registrations, and in 2012 more than one million votes were lost due to registration problems.

"If people are going to the wrong polling place or casting a provisional ballot there is a significant chance their vote might not actually count," said Becker. "Accurate information is very important."

A report says it would allow voters to directly input their information, eliminate the paper middle-man, and most records can be pre-checked against the motor vehicles database.

Beyond that is the possibility of counties saving large sums of money.

According to experts from 2008 to 2012 there were 2.7 million paper applications in Texas. Some believe moving the system online could save cash.

But with online security scrutinized not everyone is ready to jump onboard just yet. It feared hackers would try and subvert the system.

The idea has been brought up in past legislative sessions but has not succeeded.

Some lawmakers say when the legislative session gets going you can bet on the idea coming up for a vote.

By Adam Racusin

Registering To Vote In Texas Could Go Online

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