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Super Tuesday; Super Wins For Candidates

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 05:13 PM CDT
Three Republican presidential hopefuls came out of Super Tuesday with wins.

Mitt Romney scored the most with six and squeaked out a victory in Ohio. He fought a touch battle with Rick Santorum to take the critical swing state.

"We're counting up the delegates for the convention and it looks good - and we're counting down the days to November and that looks even better,” said Romney.

With Super Tuesday victories in five other states, he’s already talking like the GOP nominee.

Romney told the crowd, “As President I will get our economy back on track and get our citizens back to work. And unlike President Obama I have the experience to deliver on that promise.”

Evangelical voters helped Rick Santorum finish no top in Tennessee and Oklahoma. He also put North Dakota in his win column.

"We have won in the West, the Midwest and the South and we are ready to win across this country,” said Santorum.

The candidates will divided up the Super Tuesday delegates. They're chasing the magic number needed to clinch the nomination and that number is 1,144. Mitt Romney leads.

Santorum’s camp wants to frame this as a two man contest with Romney saying conservatives would rally behind the former Senator if Newt Gingrich called it quits.

Gingrich easily won Georgia Tuesday night. He represented Georgia in congress. The former speaker says he’s not dropping out.

“I'm the tortoise I just take one step at a time,” said Gingrich.

Ron Paul is slowly collecting delegates in caucus states.

The told supporters, "We're on the right track so make sure they hear our message all the way to DC.”

Paul still hasn’t pulled off a victory, but says he’s going all the way to the convention.Super Tuesday; Super Wins For Candidates

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