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Teachers Give Lawmakers Failing Grades

Updated: Friday, December 6 2013, 05:37 PM CST

More than 100 educators from across Texas braved the cold today to come to the State Capitol to give lawmakers a big F- grade for their handling of immigration reform.  

They pointed to families whose dreams were dashed by a simple traffic stop.  

Juan Beltran, a UT student describes what happens, "They see that they don't have a driver's license. The police is able to stop them and send them with immigration and that creates a lot of problems because families are being torn apart and then the children are being put in foster care."

This rally was for broad topics like immigration reform and public education. But for the teachers in this group those diverse topics are very much related.  

Montserrat Garibay, VP of Education Austin, is also a pre-kindergarten teacher.  She says, "I had many families, many students, their families were being deported. And of course they were sad. They were devastated and they could not focus in school."

These folks know they've been here before without much success.  But they say they have to keep trying. 

Garibay told her supporters, "If we don't do something about it then how good are we as teachers. We must advocate for them and for their families so they can study and become good productive citizens."

The rally in austin was a precursor to the National Education Association's "Day of Action" which is Monday, Dec. 9.

By Fred Cantu

Teachers Give Lawmakers Failing Grades

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