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Texans Cautious After Runoff Election

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 04:13 PM CDT

With each election we get the chance to voice our opinions and send a message to the government that represents us.  A day after the ballots were tallied here in Texas, some people were already cautious.

David, an Austin resident, supported Ted Cruz but said, “I have mixed feelings because it doesn’t seem to matter who gets in, nothing changes and that’s very disappointing.”

Knolly Williams has lived in Austin for the past 24 years,  “A lot of times what politicians will do is say what they need to say to get into office, and then once they are in that elected position, a lot of things change from what their original agenda was.”

Paula just moved here from Washington state and says that politicians have no idea what most Americans have to endure these days.  “They don’t really understand what its like to be somebody who works at Wal-Mart overnight, goes to school full time, and is still trying to make ends meet.”

So when asked what’s the one message they would like to send to the elected representatives, David didn’t even hesitate, “Term limits...term limits would be my one message.” 

Paula feels they need to do a little research before they go to D.C. “Spend even a month in the average Americans shoes and then make your decisions,” is what she recommends.

Knolly, an entrepreneur for the past 21 years but it a little more gently, “honesty, integrity, those are the characteristics people are looking for”.  When asked how he would convey that message he said, “Term limits is a thing that comes to mind, but I would say if, I don’t think there's anything innately wrong with being a career politician, if that’s your quote calling, but I think a lot of people are in it for the wrong reasons. I don’t think its really a business, I think its a service.”

By Hunter Ellis.Texans Cautious After Runoff Election

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