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Texans Express Diverse Opnions About Senator Cruz

Updated: Friday, October 11 2013, 05:34 PM CDT

Ted Cruz is the darling of conservatives like those who gathered to see him at the Value Voters Conference in Washington, D.C.  But his positions also attracted critics to the event.  Despite facing increasing opposition Senator Cruz marches on, And his supporters here at home love him for that.  James Quintero with the Texas Public Policy Foundation says, "Actually I applaud Senator Cruz for standing by his principles. That's what we need more of in Washington, DC-- principled conservatism and I think he's doing a great job."  Economist Vance Ginn chimes in, "I think more should stand up against Obamacare for the costly effects it's going to have on our economy and the amount of taxes that will have to be raised in the future."

But other Texans see harsh criticism of the Affordable Care Act by Cruz-- or anyone else-- as just the wrong prescription for what's ailing Texas.  Maureen Ray tells us, "Well, I think it's already a law. It's not a bill anymore. They need to accept that." And Judith DeBerry told us, "I think they all need to grow up.  Very simply."  And some Texans are just ready for the debate to be over.  Chris Ditmore is among them.  He says, "As we've seen today, it doesn't look like much productive is happening. So probably time for it to end and move on."

Senator Cruz has said that nothing less than the very fate of the united states hangs in the balance right now.  So don't look for him to soften his position..


By Fred Cantu

Texans Express Diverse Opnions About Senator Cruz

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