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Time Catching Up To State Legislature

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 04:13 PM CDT

Time is running out at the state legislature. With only four days remaining in the 83rd legislative session the race is on to get bills passed.

Lawmakers have yet to approve crucial items like education funding, a state budget and  a statewide water plan.

Rep. Donna Howard, District 48 (D-Austin), says the atmosphere around the capitol  is intensifying as we come to the end of the session. "We will be working through the weekend. We have to get this budget passed by Monday, which is our last day of the session," she says.

So what's holding up the budget? Lawmakers say they are continuing to debate funds that will go into transportation. They've already designated funds for tuition assistance and education.

Lawmakers say this week house and senate bills are being looked over by both branches and others just need to get through final approval.

By Angel CovarrubiasTime Catching Up To State Legislature

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