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Wendy Davis Says She's Ready To Fight To Win

Updated: Tuesday, May 6 2014, 06:36 PM CDT

Amid a crowd of supporters and also a few protesters, Texas Senator and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis took the stage in East Austin today.

But to reach a larger audience her campaign offered us a one-on-one interview to talk about what she would do if elected Governor of Texas

"The very first thing I will do is make education a priority once again," says Davis.

That includes an immediate re-examination of the standardized testing regime.

As for the state's abortion law that brought her into the spotlight, she says women's health in Texas is at risk.

"So many family planning clinics in this state have closed where women had the opportunity to prevent unplanned pregnancies and where they go and have cancer screenings," Davis said.

And what about recent claims by the Abbott campaign that the FBI is investigating her?

Davis says there is no truth to the claim. "Greg Abbott is working hard to deter attention to his practices as a member of the Cancer Prevention Research Institute of Texas while sitting on that board and while he should have been looking out for cancer patients in this state," she said.

As for the campaign mudslinging, Davis says, "I am a tough Texas gal and I am willing to put up with anything to fight to win this election to fight to win this election and to be a voice for people in this state."

But don't expect her to make personal attacks. Davis says, "Any comments about my opponent will be fair ones based upon his record and where I feel he deserves criticism."

Click here to see the entire interview.

By Lydia Pantazes

Wendy Davis Says She's Ready To Fight To Win

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