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Cornyn Won't Support Syria Military Strike At This Time

Updated: Tuesday, September 10 2013, 10:20 AM CDT

U.S. Sen. John Cornyn said Monday he will not vote for a military strike against Syria unless he receives a lot more information from the Obama Administration.

This weekend President Obama said he will seek congressional approval before launching any military action.

"I am very concerned.  At least so far, I haven't heard a plan that I can support," says Cornyn.

The Texas Republican says the main reason he won't support a strike is a lack of information. But he also added that he is "willing to take the President up on his offer to have this conversation to review the classified intelligence and to make an informed decision, but that case has not been made yet."

Cornyn said it is important that the President make his case for a strike on Syria, not only with Congress but the American people.

"When you fire a shot, that doesn't mean that you'll be the only one shooting," he said. "We need to know what the consequences will be particularly with countries like Iran. So this is a very serious matter."

He says the last thing anyone wants is to get the United States engaged in a war in the Middle East without enough information.


Cornyn Won't Support Syria Military Strike At This Time

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The Syrian civil war, (also known as the Syrian uprising or Syrian crisis) is an ongoing armed conflict in Syria between forces loyal to the Ba'ath government and those seeking to oust it. A part of the larger Middle Eastern protest movement known as the Arab Spring, the conflict began March 15th, 2011 with local demonstrations that grew in scope to become nationwide by April 2011.

Protesters demanded the resignation of President Bashar al-Assad, whose family has held the presidency in Syria since 1971, as well as the end of Ba'ath Party rule, which began in 1963.

The Syrian Army was deployed in April of 2011 to stop the uprising, and soldiers fired on demonstrators across the country. After months of cities and neighborhoods being cut-off by the Army the protests evolved into an armed rebellion.

The Arab League, United States, European Union, and other countries condemned the use of violence against the protesters. The Arab League suspended Syria's membership as a result of the government's response to the crisis, but granted the Syrian National Coalition, a coalition of Syrian political opposition groups, Syria's seat on 6 March 2013.

According to the UN, about 4 million Syrians have been displaced within the country and 2 million have fled to other countries.

Syrian government supporters include Russia and Iran, while Qatar and Saudi Arabia are providing material and weapons to the rebels.


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