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All Ken Anderson Cases In WilCo Under Review

Updated: Monday, July 7 2014, 03:31 PM CDT

The Innocence Project is reviewing cases in Williamson County to see if more wrongfully accused people are behind bars.

This comes after Michael Morton was exonerated in October of 2011 for the murder of his wife Christine in their North Austin home.

"I get to watch the world wake up every day and I get to do that on my terms, not anybody else's," said Morton.

In February of 1987 a jury sentenced Morton to life in prison.

The prosecutor at the time, Ken Anderson, painted a picture of Morton as a violent, sexually depraved murderer who showed no remorse for the crime.

"It got sickening after a while to watch him cry and it seemed he only wanted to cry for himself," said Anderson during the 1987 case.

Morton's son, Eric, grew up thinking his dad was a killer. He erased him from his life, even changed his name.

It wasn't until the Innocence Project of Texas stepped in that their relationship changed.

"The cool thing about us getting back together is nobody can tell him the things about his mother that I can. That has been a real strong leap between us," said Morton.

Morton credits his freedom to John Raley who worked to hold Anderson accountable.

The former prosecutor was sentenced last year to 10 days in prison, resigned from the bench, and was banned from practicing law in Texas.

It wasn't Morton's only victory.

He lobbied for a new law that requires entire folders get handed over in cases.

"They must turn over all offense reports which are the investigation of the police officers and deputies," said Raley. 

Right now the Innocence Project is conducting a review on all cases prosecuted by Anderson in Williamson County.

The current district attorney Jana Duty released this statement:

It is a pretty extensive list, but I am sure we can have all the cases reviewed by the end of the year. We appreciate the patience that the people with the Innocence Project have shown throughout this time consuming and work intensive project.

Christine Morton's real killer, Mark Alan Norwood, was sentenced in 2011.

With that behind Morton and others possibly going free, he can now be at peace.

"Being in the water is like flying. Water is kind of freedom. I'm a blessed man," said Morton.

KEYE TV asked the Innocence Project and the DA to see how many cases are under review. We have not heard back.

By Christie Post

All Ken Anderson Cases In WilCo Under Review

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