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APD: Man Exposing Himself To Kids At Austin Pools

Updated: Wednesday, September 3 2014, 09:19 PM CDT

Marissa Barcza spends a lot of time at Gillis Park.  She's training her dog Scott to behave in public.  But just feet away from where Barcza and Scott play, cops say a man is misbehaving in a very bad way.

"He's exposing himself either while looking at a child or trying to get the attention of a child," said Austin Police Detective Chris Keen.

The man, described as 5' 10", between 25 to 30 years old, pale with freckles, very bright red hair and blue eyes, is targeting kids swimming at public pools.

"It's horrible and sad to think that in a city that has so much to offer it still has this kind of crime happening," said Barcza.

The X-rated sighting has sparked an online alert.  One parent wrote "I immediately noticed him when he walked in and my 'you are creepy" radar went off."  Adding, "people at the pool made me aware that the man was staring at my child and masturbating."

A man, who asked not be identified believes the child predator sometimes sleeps in the park bathroom.

"I know I've seen him.  I stay in this park, I'm here every day," said the man.

A guy matching the same description was also spotted at nearly Big Stacy pool.

"So many people have camera phones these days pull that thing out and take a picture of the guy that will help us tremendously," added Keen.

Barcza is keeping an eye out and hopes others in the area will too.

"They're (kids) just trying to enjoy themselves and have a good time and enjoy their summer, it's a real shame," said Barcza.

Anyone with information is asked to call 911.

By Alex Boyer

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APD: Man Exposing Himself To Kids At Austin Pools

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